Affordable Housing and Jobs Program for All!

“Jobs and Housing as Fundamental Human and Civil Rights in Charlotte Mecklenburg”


Goals, Objectives, and Guiding Moral Principles of The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Beloved Community;

Investing in people, jobs, and affordable housing to create sustainable and thriving communities.



  • Build 35,000 units of affordable and high quality in the next three years. Create 5,000 jobs in the next three years for the long-term unemployed and the unemployed, and quickly transition to a job for all initiative as soon as possible and with deliberate speed.

  • Create a permanent safety net for the unemployed and physically challenged who need housing and employment to be productive and tax paying citizens of the economic mainstream.

  • We intend to eradicate “involuntary homelessness” in Charlotte-Mecklenburg so all people who want quality and affordable housing will have access to it. We intend to eradicate “involuntary unemployment,” so all people who want to work, will have access to employment at a livable wage; and job training. We intend to create a much larger and expanded middle class in Charlotte, high employment corridors, and build sustainable communities that are thriving—not just surviving! We intend to move Mecklenburg County from 99th in getting out of poverty, to number 1 in getting out of poverty.

  • A jobs and housing for all investment will dramatically decrease crime rates, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, foster care placements, short term incarceration, drug sales, gangs, help boost tourism, dramatically expand Charlotte Mecklenburg’s tax base, and will help businesses become more profitable through the “multiplier effect”—more people will be able to purchase goods and services because they have jobs at a livable wage.


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Jade X. Speaking Her Truth on Darrell Bonapart, Charlotte, NC District 5 City Council Candidate

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The Executive Corner


“A true Activist is willing to make sacrifices for the good of all mankind.”

Jade X. Jackson

By DonnaMarie Woodson

I had the pleasure of interviewing our Executive Director who is a true leader of this movement. Watch her share her story and life of activism.

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